T3 Architects is an international design team specialized in sustainable architecture & contemporary interior design. We value ETHICAL practices and focus on 4 fundamentals:



Design buildings where people can live in harmony with the local environment & nature, in a healthy way

Bioclimatic Architecture
T3 defines Bioclimatic Architecture as an approach that embraces common sense. Where buildings are systematically built by taking in consideration the natural elements around (existing trees, shadow, pounds…) and the local materials available on site and climate conditions (sun orientation, main winds & rain direction according to the season…). These constructions optimize people’s comfort, and above all improve the daily quality of life. T3 proposes to keep those principles by bringing them further in collaboration with our Energy Efficiency Engineer.

Family / Friendship / Culture
T3 considers that a good designer must be nourished by books, art exhibitions, music, and travels (culture) and with a good balance of family life, friendship and work life. Harmonious relationships make life peaceful.

T3 promotes gender and inter-generational equity, multiculturalism as well as pluridisciplinary collaboration. These principles participate in harmony at work and in daily life.


Creativity can transform a space into an attractive and unique experience that stays in our memory

Art, fashion
T3 Team is connected with the Vietnamese and Cambodian art scene and always tries to collaborate with artists in their projects. Art brings pleasure, original perspectives, and worldly views. Good artists are free individuals that are not solely driven by marketing and business concerns. That is why T3 invites them to co-design art work in their projects. It brings real value to all T3 projects!

Aesthetics are very difficult to define and are not the same for everyone. T3 considers elegance as something very important, especially in a world where culture and refinement are decreasing (or reserved to luxury while it can be accessible for all). In architecture, it is a question of proportion, balancing materials together, having a good color palette and one more time, evoking emotions! T3 is not afraid of decorative elements, bold colors, amazing art installations…. and hates the “aesthetically correct” as well as savorless design.

T3 is inspired by 2000 years of architecture’s history and the local context to design its buildings, but it is still in search to improve, bring new ideas, and innovate. Especially to go further in terms of tropical architecture as well as to make unforgettable projects.


Knowledge gives us the capability of bringing the functional and the beautiful together in perfect unison

It is of course a question of budget, to make sure we hire the best workers and select the best materials to do a very high-end design. But for T3, it is not only a question of budget, but a more philosophical question: what is luxury today? In a world ultra-connected, ultra-speed, with a high level of competition and full of high-technologies? T3 considers that sustainable architecture is the answer to luxury design by proposing buildings built in harmony with their environment, with few technologies to keep it simple and easy: no headache, no stress, just pleasure!

Crafts / Bespoke
The “Savoir-Faire” still exists but skills are now reserved for luxury projects. T3 wants to reintroduce high skills in any project, hiring very good craftsmen in all fields: wrought iron, carpentry, cabinetmaking, both for invisible parts of construction (insulation, plumbing…) and any finishing (wall, floor…).

To be involved in sustainable architecture means to always try to recycle the existing (building, materials, trees….). The cheapest energy is the one we didn’t have to produce! Even if renovation is still not really an approach in South-East Asia, T3 promotes it, playing with history and memory.

T3 has some experts specialized in heritage preservation/restoration. To be honest, the heritage preservation awareness is still very low in most of the countries in South-East Asia, except in some specific cases (UNESCO areas or major historical monuments).


Meaningful and thoughtful Design creates Harmony between people and the space we live in

Green architecture
T3 considers green buildings those which respect the natural environment, pay attention to quality of interior air, promote natural materials (healthy), and encourage low-tech but smart design solutions, by reducing energy consumption. We are far from the marketing point of view of a majority of people who still consider that a solar panel on a roof is sufficient to make a green building …it is a bit more complex!

Quality of space
A qualitative space is defined by good proportions, rhythms and volumes, by optimizing the natural light and ergonomics and last but not least: bringing Emotions.

In architecture, it’s harmony between human habitation and the natural world, sustainable landscape to accompany buildings, the promotion of a healthy agriculture.

“Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature”- Mollison –

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